Cartridge Grip (Version 2)
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Cartridge Grip (Version 2)

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The Cartridge Grip (Version 2) is crafted from high-grade aluminum for durability and ease of use. This newer model features a smooth adjustment mechanism without the characteristic clicking sound. This design choice ensures uninterrupted focus and a smoother workflow, as the grip fits standard machines equipped with a standard lever lock. However, it is important to note that this version does not allow for needle depth adjustment due to the absence of a clicking mechanism, prioritizing a steadfast and consistent needle position.

The Cartridge Grip (Version 2) stands out for its compatibility and construction. Made to accommodate standard tattoo machines, it promises a secure and efficient connection during each session. This grip's solid aluminum build not only adds to its longevity but also provides a balanced and comfortable hold, reducing fatigue in long sessions. Enhancing its utility, the grip comes with two plunger loop bars, sizes 85mm and 87mm, allowing for fine-tuned adjustments to suit various tattooing requirements and preferences.

Technical Specifications:

- Name: Cartridge Grip (Version 2)
- Material: Durable aluminum construction for a robust and reliable grip
- Compatibility: Fits standard machines with a standard lever lock
- Adjustment: Non-click adjustment mechanism for a smooth, consistent needle position

Package Contents:

- 1 Aluminum Cartridge Grip (Version 2
- 2 Plunger Loop Bars (sizes 85mm & 87mm)

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