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Cell Phone Light Kit


The Tat Tech Cell Phone Light Kit

Showing off your work is as important as the work itself. So you want to make sure you are able to take the best pictures. With the Tat Tech Light Kit you will be able accomplish this.

With this kit you can easily adjust the light the position that works best with you. The light also has 2 diffuser: White & Sepia.

Product Info:

- Compatible with most cell phones. -
- Take the perfect pictures without the glare -
- Easy to set up and easy to travel with (Bag included) -
- Wireless, just charge it up and you are good to go -

Items Included:

1) Tat Tech Light Cube
2) Clip Lens
3) Cell Phone Mount
4) Cloudy White and Sepia Diffuser (magnetic connection)
5) Adjustable ball joint
6) Adapter Screw (2pcs)
7) Micro USB charging cable (no wall brick included)
8) Carry Bag

Packages Available

1) Tat Tech Light Kit
2) Tat Tech Light Kit + 1 Additional Light Cube
3) Tat Tech Light Cube (No additional accessories)

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