Power Supply Adapter
  • Power Supply Adapter

Power Supply Adapter

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The Power Supply Adapter is an innovative solution designed for artists who use Cheyenne tattoo motors or pens and seek compatibility with various power supplies. This adapter eliminates the need for the traditional bulky start-up cord, streamlining the process of connecting Cheyenne equipment to any power supply unit. It addresses the inconvenience of manually adjusting voltages at the start and during the operation of Cheyenne tattoo machines by allowing the device to be powered at its normal operating voltage without additional steps.

Traditionally, initiating a Cheyenne motor or pen with a non-Cheyenne power supply required an initial high-voltage start-up before adjusting down to the machine’s standard operating voltage. This adapter simplifies the tattooing process by maintaining a steady voltage from the beginning, removing the need for voltage adjustments and the use of a large start-up cord. Its compact design is specifically tailored for power supplies with a Phono Plug input, making it a versatile accessory for tattoo artists looking for ease and efficiency in their setup.

Technical Specifications:

-Function: Enables direct connection of Cheyenne motors or pens to any power supply
-Compatibility: Designed for Cheyenne tattoo equipment
-Connection Type: Ideal for power supplies with Phono Plug Input
-Design: Compact, eliminating the need for bulky start-up cords

Package Contents:

-1 Power Supply Adapter

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