Ultra Cartridge Disposable Tubes
  • Ultra Cartridge Disposable Tubes

Ultra Cartridge Disposable Tubes


The Ultra Cartridge Disposable Tubes by Ultra Tubes® is engineered for seamless tattooing experiences. These disposable tubes feature a 1" inch grip handle and come complete with plungers and rubber nipples, ensuring convenience and efficiency in every session. Compatible with both coil and rotary machines, these tubes offer versatility for tattoo artists of all preferences and setups.

Designed with the utmost convenience in mind, each Ultra Cartridge Disposable Tube includes a plunger and rubber nipple, eliminating the need for additional components and streamlining your tattooing process. Please note that if you're using a Cheyenne Motor with a grip featuring a twist-on clamp, an adapter is required for compatibility with these disposable tubes.

Technical Specifications:

- Product: Cartridge Disposable Tubes
- Brand: Ultra Tubes®
- Grip Size Available: 1" inch

Package Content:

- 1 x Ultra Cartridge Disposable Tube
- 1 x Plunger
- 1 x Rubber Nipple

  • Special Note:
  • Compatible with All Coil & Rotary Machines. Requires adapter for Cheyenne Motors with twist-on clamp grips.

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