Curved Magnum
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Curved Magnum

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The Beyond® Curved Magnum Tattoo Needles are crafted with a standard #12 needle gauge/diameter, tailored for professional tattooing. Rigorously quality-checked, these needles are designed for optimal safety and performance. A staple product for over 20 years, Beyond® has consistently delivered these high-quality needles to the market, recently updating the packaging to align with the brand's evolution while preserving the trusted quality. Ideal for filling and shading, they are available in packs of 5pcs or 1-Box.

Technical Specifications:

- Product: Curved Magnum Tattoo Needles
- Needle Size: Standard #12 Gauge/Diameter
- Brand: Beyond®

Package Contents:

- Beyond® Curved Magnum Tattoo Needles, available in 5pcs or 1-Box.

Buy them in smaller quantity 5pcs or 1-Box also available.

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