Cyclone Tilt

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Main Highlight: Cyclone's Tilt tabletop power supply comes with a digital display featuring smart touch sensors, eliminating the need for physical button pushing. The innovative technology ensures seamless operation with a maximum voltage of 18 volts.

Brand - Cyclone®
Model - Tilt: the digital display with smart touch sensors. You do not need to physical pushing required, just place your finger over the sensors.
Maximum Voltage - 18 volts.
Machine Connection - Easily switch between two machines.
Preset Memory - Store up to 4 voltage settings.
Foot Pedal Mode - Choose between Manual and Auto modes.
Digital Display - Angled at 15 degrees for optimum visibility.
Mounts - Back mount included, with more accessories coming soon.
Rotary Compatibility - Compatible with rotary machines.
Power Input - Universal AC110-240V.
Warranty - Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

The power supply offers a stopwatch feature, which can be activated or deactivated with a single touch. Additionally, you can save up to four different voltage presets. As for the foot pedal mode, the machine offers a Manual setting, activated by stepping on the foot pedal. Alternatively, an Auto setting allows the machine to function without the need for a foot pedal. The simple press of a button toggles between modes.

What sets this device apart is its capability to run two separate machines simultaneously. Easily switch between them using the button specifically designed for this function.


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