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The DAGGER Damascus Steel Tattoo Machine, available as both a liner and shader, is designed for precision and durability. With its stainless steel frame, the machine offers artists a choice between a liner with an 8-wrap coil, weighing 7.9 oz for detailed work, and a shader with a 10-wrap coil, weighing 7.4 oz for smooth shading. This versatility ensures that tattoo artists can achieve optimal results in both line work and shading.

Technical Specifications:

Function - Liner or Shader
Machine Type - Coil Machine
Brand - Damascus
Frame Material - Stainless Steel
Liner Weight - 7.9 oz
Shader Weight - 7.4 oz
Coil Size - 8 Wrap Coil and 10 Wrap Coil

Package Contents:

-1 x DAGGER Damascus Steel Tattoo Machine

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