Atsui Paper (Defective Batch)
  • Atsui Paper (Defective Batch)
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Atsui Paper (Defective Batch)

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The Atsui Paper (Defective Batch) offers a cost-effective solution for artists who use stencils manually. Due to a flaw line through each sheet, this batch does not produce clean stencils when used with a machine. However, for hand-application, these sheets function perfectly, making them an ideal choice for artists comfortable with manual stencil techniques. Available in packs of 20 or 100 sheets, this product allows artists to continue using high-quality Atsui paper despite the defect, at a significantly reduced cost.

This batch of Atsui Paper is specifically marked as a final sale due to its defective nature, which restricts its use to manual applications only. Despite this limitation, it provides an excellent opportunity for artists to acquire premium stencil paper at a lower price, suitable for creating detailed, hand-drawn stencils. This paper retains the high standard of Atsui's brand quality in terms of texture and durability, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious artists or those seeking a bargain.

Technical Specifications:

-Brand: Atsui
-Available Packs: 20pcs & 100pcs sheets
-Application: Suitable for manual stencil use
-Product Note:Defective batch with flaw lines; not suitable for stencil machines

Package Contents:

-Atsui Paper (Defective Batch), in selected pack size

Final Sale: Please note this product is a final sale item

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