Dialer Tattoo Machine
  • Dialer Tattoo Machine

Dialer Tattoo Machine

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The Dialer Tattoo Machine (C-series) by WWTS is a versatile coil machine designed to handle both lining and shading tasks with ease. Constructed from stainless steel, this robust machine weighs just 5 oz, making it lightweight and easy to handle for extended tattoo sessions.

Its multipurpose functionality is supported by an 8-wrap coil, optimized to deliver precise and consistent performance whether used for detailed line work or effective shading. The stainless steel frame not only ensures durability but also provides a stable and comfortable user experience, reducing vibration and enhancing control during the tattooing process.

Technical Specifications:

-Function: Multipurpose Liner & Shader
-Type: Coil Machine
-Brand: WWTS
-Frame Material: Stainless Steel
-Weight: 5 oz
-Coil Size: 8 Wrap

Package Contents:

-1 Dialer Tattoo Machine (C-series)

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