Diamond Tip EZ Disposable Tube
  • Diamond Tip EZ Disposable Tube

Diamond Tip EZ Disposable Tube

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The Diamond Tip EZ Disposable Tube offers precision and convenience for tattoo artists. Produced by EZ Tubes, this product features solid black, diamond tips, designed for insertion into a grip before use. The absence of an included grip allows artists the flexibility to use their preferred grip, catering to those who appreciate a customized or minimalist approach, similar to pencil-like grips. This focus on adaptability and precision is key for artists seeking ease of use in their equipment without sacrificing quality.

The EZ Tubes with diamond tips are intended for single use, promoting a clean tattooing process. The solid black tip enhances visibility during tattooing, aiding artists in precision work. The Diamond tip is particularly suited for detailed line work and shading, offering versatility across tattooing techniques. By streamlining the workflow with disposable tubes, artists can focus more on their art, saving time that would otherwise be spent on cleaning and maintenance.

Technical Specifications:

-Product Type: Disposable Straight Black Tip Tubes
-Tip Style: Diamond Tip, Solid Black
-Brand: EZ Tubes
-Grip Size Available: None (No Grip Included)

Package Contents:
-EZ Disposable Tube with Diamond Tip

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