DIAMOND Tip Ultra Disposable Tubes
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DIAMOND Tip Ultra Disposable Tubes

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Diamond Tip Ultra Disposable Tubes: Now Featuring an Ergonomic Design and Precision Diamond Tip.

Available in: 0.75", 1", & 1.25" inch grip handles.

Diamond tip disposable tubes are designed for artists who value precision and efficiency. With a diamond-shaped needle tip, they excel in fine-line work and intricate patterns. These single-use tubes eliminate the need for sterilization, letting artists focus on their art. Paired with ergonomic grip handles in multiple sizes, they provide a perfect blend of control, comfort, and safety.

Product - Next-Gen Disposable Tubes

Tip Style - Precision Diamond Tip

Brand - Ultra Tubes®

Sterilized - Absolutely

Grip Size Available - 0.75", 1", & 1.25" inch grip handles

Introducing the revamped Ultra Tubes® Diamond Tip Disposable Tubes. We've elevated your tattooing experience with our ergonomic, rubber-gripped handle, complete with a transparent design for an unobstructed view of your needle in action. Designed for both comfort and precision, these tubes are sterilized for your safety and peace of mind.

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