Ultra Diamond Tip EZ Disposable Tube
  • Ultra Diamond Tip EZ Disposable Tube
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Ultra Diamond Tip EZ Disposable Tube

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The Ultra Diamond Tip EZ Disposable Tubes offer a translucent design for enhanced visibility. The precision diamond tip allows clear visibility of the needle and tip during tattooing. Engineered for adaptability, these tubes can be easily inserted into a grip for use, providing flexibility to suit individual preferences. Whether you prefer a standard grip or a pencil-like feel, the Ultra EZ Tubes offer a seamless and efficient tattooing experience.

The precision diamond tip not only enhances visibility but also allows for optimal control during tattooing. This feature enables tattoo artists to achieve intricate details with precision. The translucent design further aids in monitoring ink flow and needle movement, ensuring a smooth and controlled tattooing process. The adaptability of these tubes, allowing easy insertion into grips, provides artists with the flexibility to customize their tattooing experience according to their preferences.

Technical Specifications:

- Product: Disposable Straight Translucent Tip Tubes
- Tip Style: Diamond Tip
- Brand: Ultra EZ Tubes®
- Grip size available: None (No Grip Included)

Package Contents:

- 5 or 50 Ultra Diamond Tip EZ Disposable Tubes (Choose your preferred quantity)
- Professional and secure packaging for safety and convenience.

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