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Disposable Pen Grip Kit

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The Disposable Cartridge Pen Grips Kit is engineered for tattoo professionals seeking advanced technology for precision, hygiene, and efficiency. Equipped with a high-performance Japanese motor, the system's core innovation lies in its fully disposable grips, which can be easily attached and discarded post-session to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. This design significantly minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, aligning with rigorous hygiene practices in the tattoo industry. The machine's compatibility with standard cartridge needles offers versatility, accommodating a broad spectrum of tattooing techniques for both lining and shading.

The kit includes one Japanese Performance Motor known for its reliability and strength, along with nine disposable pen grips, enhancing operational convenience and artist comfort. An additional pack provides ten extra disposable pen grips, ensuring continuous productivity without compromising on safety or quality. This comprehensive approach allows tattoo artists to effortlessly switch between tasks with minimal downtime, promoting a seamless tattooing experience.

Technical Specifications:

Machine Type: Cartridge Machine
Compatibility: Uses Cartridge Needles
Function: Suitable for Lining and Shading

Package Includes:

-1 High-Performance Japanese Motor
-9 Easily Attachable Disposable Pen Grips

An additional pack of 10 Disposable Pen Grips is available for extended use.

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