Eclipse Version 3 Stencil Machine

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The ECLIPSE® Version 3 Thermal Copier Machine emphasizes ergonomic design and intuitive functionality, featuring advanced speed control for precise stencil adjustments without overexposing the paper. Its compact and lightweight design significantly improves portability and ease of use. The machine is tailored for optimal stencil creation, accommodating the diverse needs of professional artists.

Included with the ECLIPSE® Version 3 are enhancements for quicker cooling and maintenance, ensuring reliable operation and continuous use without the need for frequent pauses for cooling down. This focus on efficiency and durability makes it an invaluable tool for tattoo artists who prioritize workflow continuity and stencil quality.

Technical Specifications:

- Machine Type:Thermal Copier Machine, specialized for tattoo stencil creation.
- LED Digital Adjustment & IR Sensor: Allows for fine-tuned speed adjustments to achieve perfect stencil quality.
- Cooling System: Features quicker cooling and an automatic cooling system for enhanced performance.
- Voltage Compatibility: Operates on 110 Volts, converter required for non-USA use.
- Dimensions: 17" Width x 8" Depth x 5" Height, offering a compact and efficient design.
- Weight: 11 lbs, making it easily portable yet sturdy.
- Warranty Options: Comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty, with options to extend up to 4 years for additional coverage.
- Maintenance Ease: Designed for easy access to components for quick maintenance and bulb or roller changes.

Package Contents:

-1 ECLIPSE® Version 3 Thermal Copier Machine
-Comprehensive warranty and extension options
-Detailed maintenance and operation guide

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