Enbio S Superfast Class B Autoclave

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Enbio S Superfast Class B Autoclave

Health Canada Certification
FDA Approved

Superfast Class B Autoclaves. Another dimension. The highest performance. Enbio sterilizers are up to 6 times smaller and 3 times lighter than a typical class-B / vacuum autoclave. But when it comes to work efficiency, they keep up the pace.

Speedmasters - Up to 4 times faster cycle time than the typical autoclave. Ethe cycle time for Enbio S is 15 minutes.

Perfectly dry pouches in no time - Enbio S sterilizes a load of wrapped instruments in just 15 minutes.

Emergency Sterilization - In case of emergency, you can sterilize unwrapped instruments for immediate use in just 7 minutes.

Simple - Enbio is so simple to install and operate that it takes longer to explain how simple it is.

Inaudibly silent - Enbio autoclaves work unbelievably silent. Wherever you use it, nobody will notice it’s working.

Process times - All process times are drying included. Start-to-end, from instrument insertion to having them ready -
Unwrapped: FAST / 134°C (7 minutes)
Wrapped: Class B / 134°C (15 minutes)
Wrapped: Class B / 121°C (30 minutes)

Class B Triple Vacuum
Full drying
Medical class
6x Smaller
4x Faster
3x Lighter
Tray: 28 x 18 x 3.5 cm (11 x 7 x 1.3 in)

Water supply: Enbio uses distilled water from external tank.
Power supply: Enbio S works with any typical electrical outlet.
Data archiving: All process data are automatically written to a USB disk.
Process reports: Dedicated software for process data reading and printing.

Electrical -
Power supply: 220-240V/50-60Hz
Installed power: 2.25 kW
Max. power consumption: 10 A

Pressure and temperature -
Working pressure: 2.1 Bar
Max. pressure: 2.3 Bar
Max. process temperature: 137°C (278.6 F)

Miscellaneous -
Ingress protection: IP20
Data archiving: USB stick
Water conductivity*: < 15 μS/cm

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