Enzo Battery & Pedal System

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The Enzo Wireless Power Pack is not just another product on the market. It stands out for its ability to power Cheyenne machines, a feature lacking in many competing power packs. With a run time of six hours and a mere one-and-a-half-hour charging period, it offers efficiency and convenience in one sleek package.

Brand: Enzo
Display: Digital display shows: voltage, battery percentage.
Battery Life: Efficient 6-hour run time
Charge Time: Swift 2-hour charge time (wall charger recommended for faster charging than computer)
Voltage: Adjustable from 1 to 12 volts, with precise 0.1 V increments
Machine Connection: RCA, DC, and Cheyenne Connections available.
Compatibility: Designed for Rotary Machines or Tattoo Pens only (incompatible with coil machines)
Power: Robust 2000 mAH capacity, includes a micro USB charging wire (wall adapter not included)
Pedal: (Sold Separately) Exclusive pedal compatible with the Enzo Battery; not necessary for using the Enzo Battery.
Warranty: No warranty is available

Our very first wireless battery pack is specifically designed to work with Cheyenne, setting a new standard in the industry. It also comes with the option of an additional Wireless Foot Pedal.

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