Enzo Digital Touchless Power Supply

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The Enzo Power Supply redefines tattooing technology with its touchless control system, allowing artists to adjust voltage through intuitive gestures, eliminating the need for a foot pedal. This digital power supply combines a sleek black design with functionality, offering up to 18 volts & 2 amps for precise control over tattoo machines. Its digital display and innovative features like Dot Box Mode for low-voltage operation and compatibility with single machines streamline the tattooing process, enhancing both workflow and precision.

Technical highlights include a maximum output of 18 volts & 2 amps, a clear digital display, activation without a foot pedal, and AC100-240V power input for global use. However, it is not suitable for coil machines. The package includes the Enzo Power Supply unit, a power adapter, possible attachable heads for various machine connections, and a user manual. The Enzo Power Supply offers tattoo artists a touchless, efficient experience, setting a new standard in tattoo equipment innovation.

Technical Specifications:

- Brand: Enzo
- Available Color: Black
- Maximum Voltage Output: 18 volts & 2 amps
- Digital Display: For clear, concise information
- Dot Box Mode: Activates at voltages of 4.9 or less
- Machine Compatibility: Designed for single machine use
- On/Off Functionality: No foot pedal required, with activation via the voltage knob
- Power Input Specifications: AC100-240V, making it adaptable for international use
- Important Note: This Power Supply is not compatible with coil machines

Package Contents:

- 1 Enzo Power Supply Unit
- 1 Power Adapter (AC100-240V compatible)
- Attachable Heads for Different Machine Connections (if applicable)
- User Manual for Operation and Safety Guidelines

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