Enzo Digital Touchless Power Supply

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We are delighted to present the Enzo Power Supply, a cutting-edge digital device that offers an unparalleled touchless experience. You can now control your machine without a foot pedal, using intuitive gestures like circular motions and swipes to finely adjust the voltage.

The sleek black design and capacity for 18 volts & 2 amps make this unit not only visually appealing but also practical and precise. Here's an overview of its outstanding features:

Brand: Enzo

Available Color: Black

Maximum Voltage Output: 18 volts & 2 amps

Digital Display: Yes, providing clear and concise information

Dot Box Mode: Automatically activates at 4.9 volts or less

Machine Compatibility: Designed for use with a single machine

On/Off Functionality: No foot pedal required; activation by pressing down on the voltage knob

Power Input Specifications: AC100-240V, adaptable for international use

Important Note: This Power Supply is not compatible with any coil machine

Indulge in the touch of modern technology with the Enzo Power Supply. It's more than just a tool; it's your pathway to crafting perfection. Experience seamless control over your machine with the innovative touchless control system, eliminating any unnecessary interruptions and connecting you to the art of tattooing like never before.

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