ET2 Power Supply

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The ET2 Digital Tattoo Power Supply is crafted for efficiency and user-friendliness. This power supply stands out with its sleek design, available in either Black or White, and its capability to deliver up to 17 volts & 2.4 amps, making it a powerful accessory for any tattoo artist's toolkit.

Designed to connect seamlessly to a single machine, the ET2 includes innovative features like 2 memory voltage presets for Liner and Shader, enhancing convenience for tattoo artists. The device's operation is streamlined with a PLAY button, facilitating smooth and hassle-free sessions. Additionally, its design incorporates magnets for secure attachment to any metal surface workstation, making it both compact and versatile for any tattoo studio setting. With universal AC100-240V compatibility, the ET2 Digital Tattoo Power Supply is ready for global use.

Technical Specifications:

- Brand: ET2
- Colors: Available in Black or White
- Maximum Voltage: Capable of delivering up to 17 volts & 2.4 amps
- Color Display: Equipped with a color-changing display that adjusts according to the voltage range
- Machine Connection: Optimized for connection to a Single Machine
- Preset Memory: Features 2 memory voltage presets for Liner & Shader
- On/Off Functionality: Simplified with a PLAY button for activation, negating the need for a foot pedal (though compatible with standard foot pedals)
- Power Input: Universally compatible with AC100-240V, making it suitable for international use

Package Contents:

- ET2 Digital Tattoo Power Supply in chosen color
- Essential accessories for immediate setup and use

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