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Fat Grip Sleeve


The Fat Grip Sleeve the ideal for tattoo artists who prefer a more substantial grip on their Cheyenne motors. This innovation not only offers a more comfortable and secure hold but also incorporates an effortless needle depth adjustment mechanism. By simply twisting the grip, artists can quickly and precisely adjust the needle swing depth to suit their specific requirements. Designed to seamlessly fit the Cheyenne Thunder, Spirit, and Toretto Rotary models, these grips blend functionality with compatibility, ensuring an improved tattooing experience.

Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Fat Grip Sleeve stands out for its durability and ergonomic design. Emulating the intuitive adjustment feature of the original Cheyenne grips, these sleeves allow for the fine-tuning of needle swing depth with a simple twist action. Available in two distinct styles and three colors, the Fat Grip Sleeve caters to a variety of artist preferences and aesthetic tastes.

Technical Specifications:

- Name: Fat Grip Sleeve
- Compatibility: Fits Cheyenne Thunder, Spirit, & Toretto Rotary
- Material: Aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and lightness
- Adjustment Feature: Twist action for easy needle depth adjustment

Styles and Colors:

- TGRIP5: 1.25" Inch Round Shape
- TGRIP6: 1.125" Inch Triangular Shape
- Available Colors: Three color options to suit your style

Package Contents:

- Your selected Fat Grip Sleeve encased in a faux velvet bag for protection and elegance
- A 6-month warranty

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