Flat Disposable Tips
  • Flat Disposable Tips

Flat Disposable Tips

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The Flat Disposable Tips feature a standard flat tip configuration, ideal for artists who require precision for detailed line work and shading. The absence of an included grip size emphasizes the tips' versatility, as they are meant to be inserted into the artist's grip of choice, offering customization based on personal preference or specific project requirements.

Crafted for single-use, the Flat Disposable Tips ensure a clean and hygienic tattooing process every time. Their design is straightforward, focusing solely on the tip to provide artists with the essential tool for executing precise tattooing techniques. These tips are compatible with various grips, making them a flexible choice for tattoo artists who work with different equipment setups. By streamlining the setup process, these disposable tips contribute to a more efficient workflow, allowing artists to transition smoothly between clients or projects without the downtime associated with equipment cleaning.

Technical Specifications:

-Product Type: Disposable Tip
-Tip Style: Flat Tip
-Grip Size Available: None (Tip Only)
-Usage: Must be inserted into a grip for use

Package Contents:

-Flat Disposable Tips

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