Flat Tip ATOM Disposable-Tubes

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The Sabre® Flat Tip ATOM Disposable-Tubes with the Atom style Oval Handle features a flat tip design, making them particularly effective for precise lining and detail work. The hallmark of these tubes is their Atom style Oval Handle, sized at 1.25" inches, which is designed to offer comfort and ergonomics.

This innovative grip significantly reduces hand and wrist fatigue, promoting greater movability and control during tattoo sessions. The tubes also boast a clear, transparent design for effortless viewing of the tattoo needle, enhancing precision and efficiency in the tattooing process.

Technical Specifications:

-Product Type: Performance Disposable Tubes
-Tip Style: Flat Tip
-Brand: Sabre®
-Grip Style & Size: Atom style Oval Handle, 1.25" inch
-Performance Features: Ergonomic design reduces hand cramping and enhances wrist mobility
-Design: Soft, solid rubber grip with a transparent tube body for improved needle visibility

Package Contents:

-Sabre® Flat Tip Performance Disposable Tubes with Atom style Oval Handle

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