FLAT Tip Ultra Disposable Tubes
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FLAT Tip Ultra Disposable Tubes

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Flat tip disposable tubes are the go-to choice for artists aiming to create bold, consistent lines or fill large areas efficiently. The flat tip design offers a stable platform for the needle, allowing for an even ink flow and enhanced control during tattoo application. These tubes are disposable and sterilized, ensuring hygiene and convenience, allowing artists to maintain focus on perfecting their craft.

Product - Premium Disposable Tubes
Tip Style - Precision Flat Tip
Brand - Ultra Tubes
Sterilized - Absolutely
Grip Size Available - 0.75", 1", & 1.25" inch grip handles

Elevate your artistry with the Ultra Tubes® Flat Tip Disposable Tubes. Equipped with a transparent, soft solid rubber handle, these tubes offer an unparalleled blend of comfort, visibility, and hygiene.

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Amplify your savings by opting for Boxes of 25 pieces.

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