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Follifill SMP Kit


Follifill offers the market's deepest SMP (scalp micropigmentation) pigment, renowned for its superior retention and specially formulated for SMP treatments. This pigment boasts top-tier natural ingredients that maintain their quality over time, ensuring consistent results with every batch. Available in 15ml bottles, each can facilitate over 50 treatments. Furthermore, Follifill pigment has a three-year shelf life and remains stable for 12 months once opened.

Items Included:

- 15ml Bottle of Ink -
- Medicine Cups x 2 (30ml) -
- Syringes x 2 (1ml, 10ml) -
- Pigment Mixer + 5 Stick -
- Diluting Chart -

Colors Available & Instructions:

Black & Brown:

1. Use small syringe to add 1ml of pigment into medicine cup.
2. Use large syringe to add suggested amount of distilled water to dilute.
3. Use mixer to disperse mixture evenly.
4. Mixture is ready for SMP application.

Hue Balance:

1. To set the base for your custom color, pour distilled water into the medicine cup to suit the desired color density.
2. Add a proportion of the 90% Follifill SMP Pigment into the medicine cup.
3. Follow by adding 10% Hue Balance SMP Modifier to the mixture
4. Ensure a homogeneous blend by mixing thoroughly prior to application, and stir intermittently throughout the process for optimal consistency.
5. Adjust the proportion of Hue Balance as needed, based on the outcomes after healing.

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