Fugu Air Soft Pedal

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The Fugu Foot Pedal redefines traditional foot switch functionality with its air-filled design, eliminating the need for internal mechanical components. This innovation allows for an all-around sensitivity, enabling artists to place their foot in any position or angle comfortably, without sacrificing responsiveness or precision.

The unique connection system of the Fugu Foot Pedal employs a hollow hose instead of the standard copper wire, significantly enhancing its sensitivity to pressure changes. Air pressure generated by foot movements is transmitted through this hose to the 'Switch Box,' a specially designed system that captures and translates even the slightest pressures into signals. This system ensures that every nuance of foot pressure is accurately detected, providing tattoo artists with unmatched control over their machines. The pedal's construction is both soft for comfort and durable for long-term use, making it an essential tool for modern tattoo professionals seeking to improve their workflow and comfort during long sessions.

Key Features:

- Air-filled Pedal: Provides unmatched sensitivity from all angles, allowing for effortless foot resting in any position.
- Hollow Hose Connection: Replaces copper wire with a delicate air-filled connection that sensitively picks up slight pressure.
- Switch Box Sensitivity: Features a unique switch design highly responsive to air pressure for precise control.
- Soft and Durable: Designed to offer a gentle resting place for the foot while being robust enough for frequent use.

Package Contents:

-1 Fugu Foot Pedal
-1 Hollow Hose Connection
-1 Switch Box

**Check out the Demo Video here.**

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