Fugu Air Soft Pedal

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One Fugu Foot Pedal (Fugu = ふぐ = Blowfish)

Revolutionize your tattooing experience with the Fugu Foot Pedal, designed for your comfort and control. The pedal is filled with air and has no components inside, providing sensitivity all around.

Your foot can easily rest at any angle and position, connected through a hollow hose instead of a copper wire. The air then goes into the 'Switch Box,' picking up any slight pressure on the pedal. A unique blend of innovation and artistry, just for you.

Air-filled Pedal: Ensures sensitivity all around and easy resting at any angle.
Hollow Hose Connection: No copper wire, only a delicate connection that picks up slight pressure.
Switch Box Sensitivity: Unique switch design that's responsive to air pressure.
Soft and Durable: Allows a gentle resting of the foot and robust enough to stomp on.

Check out the Demo Video here.

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