Genji Rotary Machine

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Constructed utilizing cutting-edge Japanese technology, the Genji Rotary Machine epitomizes the harmonious blend of meticulous engineering and the art of tattooing, presented by Worldwide Tattoo Supply. This machine is propelled by a formidable 12V Japanese motor, capable of achieving a maximum revolution of 12,000 RPM, ensuring both unparalleled power and exceptional precision.

It introduces an innovative spring mechanism, designed to provide adjustable tension, accommodating a broad spectrum of tattooing techniques. The device permits precise control over needle swing, ranging from 1mm to 4mm, and features a secure grip locking system via the pull vise. Although it is equipped with an RCA cord, its compatibility with battery packs is demonstrated, offering enhanced flexibility in its operation.

Technical Specifications:

Motor Power: 12V, achieving up to 12,000 RPM for superior performance.

Needle Swing: Adjustable from 1mm to 4mm, catering to a wide range of tattooing styles.

Machine Connection: Features an RCA connection for reliable power delivery.

Pen Power Cord: Includes an RCA cord, ensuring ready-to-use capability.

Weight: Lightweight at 3.2oz, designed for ease of use and comfort during long sessions.

Package Contents:

-Genji Rotary Machine
-RCA Cord
-Protective Machine Case

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