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Machine Grip Adapter


The Machine Grip Adapter is a versatile accessory designed to enhance the compatibility of tattoo machines with various grip types. Specifically created for artists who prefer using straight grips without a twist lock mechanism, this adapter facilitates the use of both metal and plastic straight tail end tubes. It is ideal for those who wish to incorporate regular grips or disposable tubes into their setup, the adapter expands the utility of your equipment, allowing for greater flexibility and customization in grip choice.

Compatible with an extensive range of machines, the adapter serves as a universal connector for several prominent models and brands in the tattoo industry. It is designed to fit seamlessly with Cheyenne's Thunder and Spirit, Stealth's Bomber, Hellfire, and Viper, Radical's Toreto, FK Irons' Direct 2, Halo 2, and Edge X, all models of Injecta, as well as T2's Nano and Air. This broad compatibility underscores the adapter's value, making it an essential tool for artists seeking to adapt their machines for use with non-twist lock grips.

Technical Specifications:

  • Function: Enables use of straight grips without twist lock

  • Compatibility:

  • -Cheyenne: Thunder, Spirit
    -Stealth: Bomber, Hellfire, Viper
    -Radical: Toreto
    -FK Irons: Direct 2, Halo 2, Edge X
    -Injecta: All Models
    -T2: Nano, Air

  • Material Compatibility: Metal and plastic tubes

  • Package Contents:

    -1 Machine Grip Adapter

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