Learn How to Tattoo "Asian Back Piece"
  • Learn How to Tattoo "Asian Back Piece"

Learn How to Tattoo "Asian Back Piece"

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Learn How to Tattoo an Asian Back Piece presents a comprehensive 6-hour tutorial across 6 chapters, aimed at both novice and experienced tattoo artists interested in mastering the art of the Asian back piece. This DVD offers an in-depth guide to every step of the process, from design selection to the final color application, featuring the creation of iconic images such as the Oni Mask, Devil Mask, Tiger, Waterfall, Koi, and Warrior.

Chapter Guide :

  • Chapter 1: Design Selection & Stencil Transfer - Techniques for choosing designs and transferring them accurately.

  • Chapter 2: Sketch and General Idea Procedure - Fundamentals of sketching and conceptualizing the tattoo.

  • Chapter 3: Shading Technique and Color Application - Advanced strategies for shading and applying colors.

  • Chapter 4: Creating the "Oni Mask" & "Devil Mask" - Step-by-step guide to these traditional motifs.

  • Chapter 5: Creating the "Tiger" & "Waterfall" - Detailed instructions for bringing these elements to life.

  • Chapter 6: Creating the "Koi" & "Warrior" - Comprehensive walkthrough for these symbolic designs.

  • Delivered by INSANE TATTOO PRODUCTS, this DVD encapsulates over 6 hours of detailed instructions and demonstrations, ensuring a thorough understanding of creating a mesmerizing Asian back piece. It is an essential resource for tattoo artists seeking to expand their skills in Asian-themed tattoo artistry.


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