RAGE Tattoo Machine 8-Wrap
  • RAGE Tattoo Machine 8-Wrap

RAGE Tattoo Machine 8-Wrap

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Liner or Shader - Both, machine is set up as a Shader but we include an extra spring to change it into a Liner.
Machine Type - Coil Machine
Brand - WWTS Iron Clad
Frame Material - Iron (Bronze or Copper finish)
Weight - 7.9 oz
Coil Size - 8 Wrap Coil
Product Info - Ironclad Tattoo Machines are made like traditional machines with a dense iron. The machine is much heavier and can handle day to day use and vibrations. When Iron is exposed to a magnetic field, the atoms align their electrons. The Frame of the Ironclad Machine itself becomes magnetized, thus creating a stronger hitting machine.

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