Wrecking Tattoo Machine (Gun Metal)
  • Wrecking Tattoo Machine (Gun Metal)

Wrecking Tattoo Machine (Gun Metal)

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The Wrecking Tattoo Machine (Gun Metal) from the Wrecking Series is designed to cater to both lining and shading applications. Crafted from iron, this coil machine is built for durability and stability, with a weight of 8.7 oz that ensures a solid grip and control during tattooing sessions. Whether chosen as a liner or shader model, each variant is equipped with an 8-wrap coil, optimized to provide consistent performance and precision in every tattoo.

This machine stands out for its full-frame support design, which enhances its structural integrity and operational reliability. The choice of iron as the frame material not only contributes to the machine's robustness but also to its efficiency in conducting electricity, thereby ensuring smooth operation.

Technical Specifications:

-Function: Available in both Liner and Shader
-Type: Coil Machine
-Brand: Wrecking Series
-Frame Material: Iron
-Weight: 8.7 oz
-Coil Size: 8 Wrap Coil

Package Contents:

-1 Wrecking Tattoo Machine (Gun Metal) (Liner or Shader)

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