Jack Hammer™ Rotary Machine
  • Jack Hammer™ Rotary Machine

Jack Hammer™ Rotary Machine

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Jack Hammer™ Tattoo Rotary Machine (Gold & Red)

Elevate your tattooing precision with the Jack Hammer Multipurpose Rotary Tattoo Machine. Crafted with an iron frame, this versatile tool is designed for both liners and shaders, making it a must-have for tattoo artists seeking excellence.

Liner or Shader - Multipurpose
Machine Type - Rotary Machine
Brand - Jack Hammer
Frame Material - Iron
Weight - 4.2 oz
Motor RPM/s- 9000

The Jack Hammer™ Rotary Tattoo Machine can run up to 9000 rpm. This machine is manufactured by WorldWide Tattoo Supply and is hand-assembled and tested to insure quality and performance.

Unleash your creativity with the unique design featuring an electric motor and three springs, providing dynamic needle movement. The contact screw and additional spring allow for customizable swings, from soft to hard hits. The package includes a power cord, three additional springs, and extra screws for your convenience.

Compatible with standard and shine grips, this machine also boasts a needle stabilizer, eliminating the need for a rubber band. Currently running at 4 volts, it's recommended to operate at 6 to 6.5 volts for optimal performance.

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