Magnum & Curved Mags (Medium Taper)
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Magnum & Curved Mags (Medium Taper)

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The Magnum & Curved Mags (Medium Taper) cartridges from KWADRON® are designed with a #10 (0.30mm diameter) needle size, perfect for a broad range of shading and coloring techniques. A defining feature of these needles is the integrated membrane, which enhances safety by preventing ink backflow. This, coupled with a medium taper, makes the cartridges versatile for both detailed work and filling larger areas. The smooth needle polish ensures a gentle interaction with the skin, reducing irritation and promoting a smoother healing process.

These cartridges with the Magnum Shader and Curved Soft Edge Magnums are designed to deliver consistent ink flow and superior control. The medium taper of these needles strikes a balance between precision and ink dispersion, enabling artists to achieve both sharp edges and soft shading.

Technical Specifications:

- Brand: Kwadron Cartridges
- Needle Size: #10 (0.30mm diameter)
- Needle Type: Magnum Shader, & Curved Soft Edge Magnums
- Needle Taper: Medium Taper
- Needle Polish: Smooth
- Box: 20pcs/box

Package Contents:

- 1 box of Magnum & Curved Mags (Medium Taper) cartridges, containing 20 pieces

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