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Kyodai Brush Pen


The Kyodai Brush Pen are available in Firm, Soft & Flex Tip with Gentian Purple, Red, Gold, & Green and Flex Tip in one color (with more colors to be introduced), these pens are tailored for artists who demand control and versatility in their work. The Firm Tip's felt design ensures a steady ink flow to the skin, facilitating the creation of calligraphied lines and controlled thickness. Simultaneously, the Flex Tip option offers adaptability for various artistic styles, making it suitable for a wide range of tattooing techniques.

The unique feature of the Brush Pens lies in their ability to mimic the fluidity and precision of an ink brush. This is achieved through the soft felt tip, which enhances ink flow and allows for effortless creation of detailed work. Whether you're aiming for intricate line work or broad fills, these pens provide the flexibility to achieve your artistic vision with precision. The pens are specially formulated for tattoo professionals, ensuring that stencils remain securely on the skin throughout the tattooing process.

Technical Specifications:

- Product: Kyodai Brush Tip Skin Pens
- Tip Style: Firm, Soft, & Flex Tip available in Gentian Purple, Red, Green, & Gold
- Brand: Kyodai
- Sterilized: Yes, for safety and hygiene

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