LA Tattoo Machine
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LA Tattoo Machine

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The LA Tattoo Machine is designed to excel in both lining and shading. This dual-functionality machine is available in two colors with a weight of 8.7 oz and constructed from steel, offering a balanced blend of durability and ease of handling. This combination ensures that artists can work with precision and comfort, whether they're creating intricate lines or filling in areas with shading.

This machine's steel construction not only contributes to its longevity but also enhances its performance, providing a stable foundation for all types of tattooing techniques. Its ability to seamlessly switch between lining and shading makes it a valuable tool for artists looking for efficiency and flexibility in their work.

Technical Specifications:

-Function: Lining & Shading
-Type: Coil Machine
-Colors: Available in 2 Colors
-Weight: 8.7 oz
-Material: Steel

Package Contents:

-1 LA Tattoo Machine (available in 2 colors)

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