Learn How to Tattoo Dual Layer 4 DVD Set

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The INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BODY ART introduces an extensive educational series featuring Gary Gray Jr. & Paul Miller. This comprehensive collection spans 4 Dual Layered DVDs, comprising over 13.5 hours of immersive instruction across 26 meticulously curated videos.

Technical Specifications:

-Total Duration: 13.5+ hours
-Format: 4 Dual Layered DVD Discs
-Number of Lessons: 29 video tutorials
-Instructors: Gary Gray Jr., Paul Miller
-Focus Areas: Equipment, Tattoo Techniques, Design Execution, Advanced Tattooing

Detailed Video List:

  • Tools of the Trade: An essential introduction to the equipment used in tattooing.

  • Cleanliness Guidelines: Comprehensive guidelines on maintaining a clean and safe tattooing environment.

  • Tattoo Power Supply Units: Insight into selecting and operating power supplies for optimal performance.

  • Setting Up Your Workstation: Best practices for organizing a functional and efficient tattooing space.

  • Building Your Own Tattoo Machines: A step-by-step guide to assembling and customizing tattoo machines.

  • Tuning Your Tattoo Machines: Techniques for adjusting your machines for precision and reliability.

  • Making A Tattoo Stencil: Instructions on creating and applying stencils for accurate tattoo designs.

  • Stencil Application: How to prepare solutions for stencil application.

  • Practice With Fruits, Not People: Encouragement of practice on fruits to refine technique before skin application.

  • Blood & Gray Lining: Fundamentals of lining techniques and their application in tattooing.

  • Black & Gray Tattooing: Advanced lessons on creating depth and texture with black and gray inks.

  • Tattoo Restoration: Strategies for rejuvenating and correcting aged or fading tattoos.

  • Cover-Up Tattooing #1 – The Basics: An introduction to the principles of designing and executing cover-up tattoos.

  • Aftercare & Consent Forms Explained: Essential information on tattoo aftercare and legal considerations.

  • Tattooing Words & Letters: Techniques for crisp, legible text tattoos.

  • Color Background Shading #1: Introduction to color shading techniques for vibrant backgrounds.

  • Color Background Shading #2: Advanced strategies for complex color shading.

  • Portrait Tattooing With Gary Gray Jr.: Masterclass in capturing likeness and expression in portrait tattoos.

  • Floral Tattooing #1 – The Lotus Flower: Detailed guidance on creating beautiful, realistic lotus flower tattoos.

  • The Color Skull Tattoo: Techniques for a vibrant and detailed skull tattoo in color.

  • Cover-Up tattooing #2 – The Heart: Advanced cover-up strategies focusing on heart designs.

  • Tattoo Etiquette – Tattooing A Lady: Professional conduct and considerations when tattooing female clients.

  • Black & Gray Skull By Paul Miller: Paul Miller's approach to crafting a detailed black and gray skull tattoo.

  • Black & Gray Background Shading By Paul Miller: Techniques for creating depth and atmosphere with black and gray shading.

  • Bloodline Portrait Tattooing With Paul Miller: Precision techniques for lifelike portraits using subtle linework.

  • The Dragon Head Tattoo: Step-by-step construction of a dynamic dragon head tattoo.

  • Floral Tattooing #2 – Cherry Blossoms: Creating delicate and detailed cherry blossom tattoos.

  • Hand Tattooing – Skull: Special considerations and techniques for tattooing on hands.

  • Neck Tattooing – The Bride Of Frankenstein: Unique challenges and strategies for neck tattooing with a classic movie theme.

  • Package Contents:

    -4 DVD Set - International School of Body Art Comprehensive Tattooing Course
    -Exclusive Access to Online Resources and Support

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