20 Round Liners, Long Cartridge Needles

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Evolution® Brand presents the Long Cartridge Needles, an integration of traditional loop bar needle methodologies with advanced technological enhancements. These needles are engineered for compatibility with standard grips that incorporate a central shaft, traditionally accommodating a Tip and Tail End. The innovative design of the Long Cartridge Needles facilitates a direct replacement of these components, streamlining the tattooing process by eliminating the need for loop bar adjustments or rubber bands for needle stabilization.

Constructed with precision, the Long Cartridge Needles guarantee a seamless fit within the grip, significantly improving procedural efficiency and reducing setup time.


  • Product: Long Cartridge Needles

  • Needle Configuration: Round Liner Needles with a Long Taper of 0.35mm

  • Brand: Evolution®

  • Quantity: 20 pieces per box

  • Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide (EO) Gas Sterilized

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