Magneto Power Cord System

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The Magneto Power Cord System, an innovative solution designed to enhance the functionality and durability of your tattoo equipment.

The system comprises three different attachable heads - RCA, DC, and Clip Cord - that seamlessly connect to your machines via magnetic connections.

Features and Benefits:

Magnetic Connection: Unlike standard power cords that require manual detachment, the Magneto system utilizes a magnet connection, enabling easy and quick detachment. This design prevents the cord from wearing down and eliminates common wear on attachment heads, often observed with RCA and clip cords.

Versatility: The system offers the flexibility to switch between different cord types (DC, Clip Cord, and RCA) effortlessly. By leaving the attachment on, the magnet connects automatically, adapting to various machine requirements.

Safety & Convenience: Especially useful for busy shops, the magnetic connection ensures that accidental pulling doesn't lead to power supply falls or cord damage. It enables safe disconnection without harming the cord.

Clip Cord Version Specifications: For the Clip Cord connection, a space of at least three-quarters to an inch is required for proper attachment. Certain machines, like the stealth model with a tight clip cord connection, may need adjustments such as loosening screws or bending metal for compatibility.

Standardized Connections: RCA and DC connections are standardized, providing consistent attachment to different machines.

Separate Sale Items: The system allows for individual purchasing of heads and cords. For instance, you can buy three heads and one cord if you have multiple machines. An extra cord for backup is advisable.

Ease of Use: Simplifying the connection process, the system ensures easy and safe attachment of power to your machine, enhancing your work efficiency and safety.

Product Details:

- Magneto Power Cord: 6.6 feet long (No Head included)
- RCA Magneto Head
- DC Magneto Head
- Clip Cord Magneto Head (Note: Spacing between connections should be 3/4" to 1" to fit properly)

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