Mini Blue + Pedal + Cord Combo
  • Mini Blue + Pedal + Cord Combo

Mini Blue + Pedal + Cord Combo

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This power supply is compact but very durable with a 10 turn adjustment knob. Come with 3 different type of foot pedals & Clip or RCA power cord.

b>Brand - WorldWide Tattoo Supply
Maximum Voltage - 15 volts.
Amperage - 2 volts.
Weight - 11-oz
Color - Blue
Dimension - 6.5" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 1.5" (H)
Power Input - 110-240V (Can be used in Any Country).
Description - 8-turn voltage adjustment knob that can fine tune the voltage up to 1/10th of a volts. This power supply has max voltage up to 15 volts and 2 amp. Great for any professional artist in a busy shop, the power supply is durable and compact.

Foot Pedal Available - Ultra Thin, Standard, & Gem Pedal.
Power Cords Available - Hard Spring Clip Cord or RCA Cord.
Pedal & Power Cord Lengths - All have a 7.5 feet long cord.

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