Mini Digital Power Unit with Case

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The Mini Digital Power Unit offers a compact, stylish solution for tattoo artists, blending functionality with convenience. Available in Black and Pink, it caters to both professionals and enthusiasts, featuring intelligent voltage control from 1 to 18 volts, adjustable to one decimal point for precise power settings.

Its design includes a magnetic bottom for stability on metal surfaces and a digital display for clear voltage readings. The unit supports single-machine connectivity via a phono plug and offers foot pedal compatibility for versatile operation. Measuring just 3" x 2.75" x 2.25" and weighing 10 oz, it's designed for portability without compromising on power. The package includes the power unit and a wall adapter, making it an ideal choice for artists who value precision, style, and mobility in their tattooing equipment.

Technical Specifications:

- Machine Type: Compact Digital Power Supply, designed for efficient tattoo operation.
- Color: Available in Black and Pink, offering a choice to match your personal style or studio aesthetics.
- Intelligent Voltage Control: Adjusts from 1 to 18 volts with precision to 1 decimal, showcased on a full digital display for accurate control.
- Magnetic Bottom: Ensures the unit stays firmly in place on metal surfaces.
- On/Off Switch: Simplifies machine operation, with optional foot pedal connectivity for traditionalists.
- Machine Connection: Accommodates 1 machine with a phono plug input, ensuring compatibility with most tattoo machines.
- Foot Pedal Compatibility: Offers flexibility in operation, allowing artists to use a foot pedal or operate the machine independently.
- Digital Display: Provides clear and concise voltage readings, ensuring optimal machine performance.
- Size & Weight: Boasts a compact form factor of 3" x 2.75" x 2.25" and a lightweight build at just 10 oz, making it highly portable.
- Items Included: Comes with the Power Unit and Wall Adapter, ensuring you have everything needed to get started.

Package Contents:

- 1 Mini Digital Power Unit
- 1 Wall Adapter

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