Plastic Disposable Tubes (50pcs)
  • Plastic Disposable Tubes (50pcs)
  • Diamond Tip
  • Flat Tip

Plastic Disposable Tubes (50pcs)

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The Plastic Disposable Tubes (50pcs) set is specifically designed for practice or training purposes on synthetic skin. This product includes a variety of 50 disposable tubes, each featuring different tip styles—Round Tip, Diamond Tip, and Flat Tip—to cater to a broad range of tattooing practices. These tubes are equipped with plastic grips available in three sizes: 1/2", 3/4", and 1", allowing artists to select the grip that best suits their comfort and technique preferences.

Each tube is designed to provide stability and ease during the application process, ensuring that practitioners can focus on their technique and precision. While these tubes are intended solely for practice on fake skin, they offer a real-world feel that helps artists prepare for actual tattooing scenarios.

Technical Specifications:

-Product: Disposable Tubes
-Tip Style: Round Tip, Diamond Tip, & Flat Tip
-Grip Size Available: 1/2", 3/4", & 1"
-Quantity: 50 pcs
-Material: Plastic

Package Contents:
-50 x Plastic Disposable Tubes

Note: These tubes are intended only for practice or training purposes on synthetic skin and are not suitable for use on human skin. This set is perfect for those in training phases or for professionals refining new techniques, offering a cost-effective and practical solution to develop tattooing skills.

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