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Tattooable OVAL

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The Miniature APOF Small Oval Tattooable Skin is a precisely crafted canvas with a decorative beveled edge. This compact counterpart, measuring 5.5" in width, 7" in length, and 0.25" in thickness, serves as an ideal platform for practicing techniques or showcasing small-scale masterpieces. Its silicone and rubber-based materials provide a realistic tactile feel for both apprentices and professionals.


- Width: 5.5”
- Length: 7”
- Thickness: 0.25”

Key Features:

-Small oval shape with a decorative beveled edge
-Ideal for practicing techniques, testing equipment, or showcasing small-scale designs
-Realistic feel with silicone and rubber-based materials

Package Contents:

-APOF Small Oval
-Professional and secure packaging for safety and convenience.

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