Magneto Power Cord System

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The Magneto Power Cord System is designed with innovation at its core to boost both functionality and longevity. This advanced system is composed of three distinct attachable heads - RCA, DC, and Clip Cord - which integrate with your tattoo machines through efficient magnetic connections. This feature marks a significant departure from traditional power cords, offering a seamless and secure attachment method that caters to the dynamic needs of professional tattoo artists.

The Magneto Power Cord System with its magnetic connection feature allows for quick and effortless detachment and reattachment, a stark contrast to the manual effort required with conventional power cords. This magnetic mechanism not only reduces wear and tear on the cord itself but also minimizes the common degradation of attachment heads associated with frequent use. The versatility of the system is further highlighted by its ability to easily switch between different cord types, adapting instantly to various machine requirements with a simple magnetic snap. This adaptability, combined with the safety and convenience offered by the magnetic connection, ensures that accidental pulls do not result in equipment damage, thereby enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of the tattooing process.

Key Features:

- Magnetic Connection: Facilitates swift and effortless detachment, significantly reducing wear on the cord and attachment heads.
- Versatility: Enables easy switching between RCA, DC, and Clip Cord types, automatically connecting to the preferred attachment left on the machine.
- Safety & Convenience: Magnetic connection prevents accidental equipment damage from cord pulls, ideal for high-traffic tattoo environments.
- Clip Cord Version Specifications: Requires a space of 3/4" to 1" for proper attachment, adaptable to machines with tight connections through minor adjustments.
- Standardized Connections: Ensures consistent and secure attachment across different tattoo machines with RCA and DC connections.
- Separate Sale Items: Offers the flexibility to purchase heads and cords individually, accommodating studios with multiple machines or the need for backup cords.
- Ease of Use: Simplifies the power connection process, significantly enhancing workflow efficiency and safety.

Product Details:

- Magneto Power Cord: 6.6 feet in length (No Head included)
- RCA Magneto Head
- DC Magneto Head
- Clip Cord Magneto Head (Note: Ensure proper spacing for compatibility)

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