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Pure Pen

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Brand: Bliss
Model: Pure
Type: Liner & Shader
Needle Type: Can only be used with Bliss/Nuto magnetic needles cartridges (needles sold separately) .
Motor: Performance Japanese motor (7000 max RPM)
Power Requirement: This Pen uses a DC connection, and works perfectly with our BLISS Power Unit to work. We can not guarantee it will work on other brand power units.
Power Input: 100-240V
Pen Weight: 3.2oz
Pen Grip: 1" inch and tapers to 0.75" inch
Pen Size: 5" inch long and 1" inch diameter. Our Blue pen has a 1" inch octagon handle grip.
Included: every Pen includes a machine cord
Product Description: The PURE Bliss Pen uses a patent pending magnetic cartridge system. Our cartridge system allow you to easily switch between needles within seconds. You no longer have to remove your needle and tips which is a hassle and waste time.

With our magnetic system, it allow the machine needle to flow quickly and smoothly without any resistance to the pens motor. You can only use our BLISS or NUTO magnetic cartridge with this machine. Click here to purchase Cartridges for your Pen

NOTE: Pen holder not included.

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