Radical 2 Power Supply

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Radical Version 2 is completely redesigned from its predecessor. With a newer sleek design it stand at 1.15" inch tall and 4.75" inch wide. The intelligent touch screen digital display is easy to use and beautiful. Besides the awesome look, this power supply has many features built in including: 2 Machine connection, Jump Start mode, Dot Box mode, Continuous & Momentary pedal mode. With all these great features it make it one of the best power supplies in the market today.

Dot Box Mode: You can easily set up Dot Box mode by adjust the + - controls on the right side.
Jump Start: This power unit also has a Jump Start mode for people using Cheyenne.
Voltage: 4 to 18 volts adjustable using + - on the left side.
Voltage Presets: Can remember 4 presets for each machine (8 total).
Machine Connection: You can connect 2 machines and easily switch between the 2.
Foot Pedal: This power supply has 3 foot pedal modes. You can turn it on manually without a pedal plugged. If you want to use a pedal it has a Continuous Mode (step 1 time to turn on and step 1 time to turn off) & Momentary Mode (normal mode).
Digital Display: Uses intelligent touch screen and displays all key functions of the power unit.
Size & Weight: This unit weighs 0.68lb (11oz). It stand 1.15" inch tall and 4.75" wide.
Items included: Power Unit, Wall Adapter, 3 Adapter Cables.
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty.

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