Radical 2.0 Power Supply

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The Radical Version 2 Power Supply emerges as a transformative update, redefining its predecessor with a sleek design and cutting-edge functionality. Its compact size, featuring a 1.15-inch height and 4.75-inch width, is complemented by an intelligent touch screen digital display, merging aesthetic appeal with technological advancement. This power supply is not just user-friendly; it's a visually appealing addition to any tattoo artist's toolkit, designed to elevate the tattooing experience with its modernity and efficiency.

Key enhancements include the Dot Box Mode for straightforward setup via intuitive controls, a Jump Start mode catering specifically to Cheyenne users for enhanced compatibility, and adjustable voltage settings ranging from 4 to 18 volts for precise machine tuning. Additionally, it boasts a memory function capable of storing up to 8 presets for two machines, dual machine connectivity for seamless switching, and three foot pedal modes for customized operation. Weighing only 0.68lb and boasting a minimal footprint, it's designed to fit seamlessly into any workspace. The package comes with the Radical Version 2 Power Unit, a wall adapter, three adapter cables, and a 1-year limited warranty.

Technical Specifications:

-Dot Box Mode: Setup is simplified with intuitive + - controls located on the right side.
-Jump Start: A special mode designed for Cheyenne users, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.
-Voltage: Fine-tune your machine with adjustable voltage settings from 4 to 18 volts, using the + - controls on the left side.
-Voltage Presets: Memory function that can store 4 presets for each machine, totaling 8 presets for quick access.
-Machine Connection: Ability to connect 2 machines simultaneously and effortlessly switch between them.
-Foot Pedal: Versatile with 3 modes, providing options for use with or without a pedal.
-Digital Display: Features an intelligent touch screen that clearly displays all key functions.
-Size & Weight: Lightweight at only 0.68lb (11oz), with dimensions that make it an unobtrusive addition to any workspace.

Package Contents:

-1 Radical Version 2 Power Unit
-1 Wall Adapter
-3 Adapter Cables
-1-year limited warranty

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