Radical Defy Battery


The Defy Wireless Battery Pack from Radical Tattoo Supply delivers essential power solutions for tattoo professionals. It comprises a Digital Battery Pack Unit, serving as the core for power management, paired with Two 1050mAh Batteries for sustained operational capacity. An RCA Male Adapter ensures reliable machine connectivity, complemented by a USB Battery Charger for efficient charging, excluding a wall adapter.

Each battery is designed to support 3.5 to 4 hours of usage, aligning with the rigorous demands of professional tattoo sessions. The inclusion of a fast-charging feature, which fully charges batteries within approximately 2.5 hours, significantly reduces downtime. The pack's design also facilitates easy integration with standard tattoo equipment.

Technical Specifications:

-Digital Battery Pack Unit: Primary power management component.

-Two 1050mAh Batteries: Provide up to 4 hours of use each.

-RCA Male Adapter: Secures machine connection.

-Battery Charger with USB: Achieves full charge in 2.5 hours (wall adapter not included).

Package Contents:

- 1 Digital Battery Pack Unit
- 2 1050mAh Batteries
- 1 RCA Male Adapter for Battery
- 1 USB Battery Charger (wall adapter not included)

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