Radical DEFY Pen

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The Defy Wireless Radical Tattoo Pen has an ergonomic design with intuitive functionality. This pen is equipped for both lining and shading, offering a choice between a 3.5mm and a 4.2mm swing, along with adjustable needle protrusion. It is available in two colors: Black or Silver, catering to the diverse preferences of professional artists.

The Defy Pen comes with two batteries, adapters for hard-wire power conversion, and compatibility with any RCA machine, emphasizing flexibility and innovation. This setup ensures artists can maintain their workflow without interruption, promising between four to eight hours of continuous use from a quick three-hour charge.

Technical Specifications:

- Machine Type: Wireless Tattoo Pen, optimized for both lining and shading.
- Color: Available in Black and Silver.
- LCD: Displays Voltage, Time, & Battery Percentage for real-time monitoring.
- Button: On/Off, + voltage, & - voltage for easy adjustments.
- Voltage: Adjustable from 5-12 Volts for a wide range of tattooing applications.
- Stroke: 3.5mm needle swing, adjustable with a twist of the grip for precise control.
- Needle Protrusion: Adjustable up to 3.5mm with a twist of the grip for detailed work.
- Motor: 10000 RPM Japanese Motor for efficient and consistent output.
- Battery: 1050mAh, each offering about 3.5 - 4 hours of operation (Charging time: ~2.5 hours).
- Adapter: Includes 2 adapters for versatile power options.

Package Contents:

- 1 Defy Radical Pen
- 1 Battery Pack Unit
- 2 1050mAh batteries
- 1 RCA male adapter for the battery
- 1 RCA female adapter for the battery
- 1 Tapered thinner grip
- 1 Battery charger and USB (wall adapter not included)

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