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The Hand Motion Tattoo Power Supply by Radical Tattoo Supply allows tattoo artists to adjust voltage settings through simple hand gestures, effectively streamlining the tattooing workflow and enhancing precision without interrupting the creative process. With features designed to cater to the modern artist’s needs, such as easy machine selection between two setups, customizable voltage presets for tailored artistic requirements, and included adapter cords for essential connectivity, this power supply is set to redefine efficiency in tattoo studios.

Offering universal compatibility with any machine or foot pedal using a phono plug, the Hand Motion Tattoo Power Supply ensures broad applicability across various tattooing equipment. For artists seeking even more convenience, an optional Bluetooth foot pedal is available, providing wireless control and further simplifying the tattooing process. Each unit is backed by a 1-year warranty from Radical Tattoo Supply, highlighting a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The package comes complete with the power supply unit, a machine adapter cord, a foot pedal adapter cord, with the option to purchase a Bluetooth foot pedal separately, and a comprehensive user manual.

Key Features:

Control Voltage with Hand Signals: Adjust voltage effortlessly through simple hand motions, enhancing workflow and precision.
Easy Machine Selection: Seamlessly switch between Machine 1 and Machine 2, optimizing for different stages of the tattooing process.
Customize Voltage Presets: Personalize voltage settings to match specific artistic requirements, ensuring optimal performance for every task.
Includes Adapter Cords: Equipped with one machine adapter cord and one foot pedal adapter cord, providing essential connectivity.
Universal Compatibility: Designed to connect with any foot pedal or machine cord using a phono plug, ensuring wide-ranging applicability.
Optional Bluetooth Foot Pedal: Enhance your setup with wireless control for an additional $75, offering even greater flexibility and convenience.
1-Year Warranty: Your investment is protected by Radical Tattoo Supply's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Package Contents:

-1 Hand Motion Tattoo Power Supply Unit
-1 Machine Adapter Cord
-1 Foot Pedal Adapter Cord
-Optional Bluetooth Foot Pedal (available separately)
-Comprehensive User Manual

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