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Curved Magnums

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The Curved Magnums Needle Cartridges with Membrane by Radical® are crafted to utilizing high-grade steel and precise soldering techniques to ensure exceptional performance. Equipped with a standard #12 needle gauge/diameter, they are perfect for artists looking for accuracy in line and shade work. The cartridges feature an integrated membrane, designed to prevent ink spit back, enhancing the overall cleanliness and efficiency of the tattooing process.

A notable aspect of these cartridges is the precision clear grey tip, which allows for enhanced visual control and optimal ink flow, that makes sure every line is sharp and every shade is filled with precision. Packaged in boxes of 20pcs and compatible with all standard tattoo machines and grips.

Technical Specifications:

-Product Type: Curved Magnums Needle Cartridges with Membrane
-Needle Size: Standard #12 Gauge/Diameter for precise line work
-Brand: Radical®
-Sold In: Boxes of 20pcs
-Compatibility: Universal fit for all standard tattoo machines and grips

Package Contents:

-Radical® Curved Magnums Needle Cartridges

Buy them in smaller quantity 1-Box also available.

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