Round Tip Rubber Disposable Tubes
  • Round Tip Rubber Disposable Tubes

Round Tip Rubber Disposable Tubes

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The Round Tip Rubber Disposable Tubes feature a round tip, suitable for a wide range of tattooing techniques, from precise line work to shading. The distinguishing characteristic of these tubes is their rubber grip handles, which provide a secure and comfortable hold, reducing hand fatigue during extended tattoo sessions.

The tubes are available in a variety of grip sizes, including 0.50", 0.75", & 1", allowing artists to choose the size that best fits their hand and working style. Constructed for single use, these tubes offer a hygienic solution to the tattooing process. The rubber grip enhances control and accuracy, while the standard tube tip ensures consistent ink flow and needle stability.

Technical Specifications:

-Product Type: Disposable Tubes with Rubber Grip
-Tip Style: Round Tip
-Grip Size Available: 0.50", 0.75", & 1" inch grip handle

Package Contents:

-Round Tip Rubber Disposable Tubes in selected size

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