Round Tip TRIDENT Disposable Tubes

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The Sabre® Round Tip TRIDENT Disposable Tubes features a 1.25" Curvilinear Triangle Shaped grip coupled with a precision Round Tip for enhanced control and reduced hand fatigue during extensive tattoo sessions. This design is specifically engineered for both shading and detailed work.

The ergonomic grip design of these tubes promotes an optimal hold, significantly reducing strain on the artist's hand and facilitating precise needle movement. The Round Tip is designed for superior ink flow and retention, ideal for intricate detailing and shading. Sabre® Performance Tubes are tailored to improve the tattooing process, offering reliability and performance necessary for high-quality work.

Technical Specifications:

- Product: Performance Disposable Tubes
- Tip Style: Precision Round Tip for superior ink flow
- Brand: Sabre®
- Grip Style & Size: 1.25" Curvilinear Triangle Handle, designed for ergonomic comfort
- Performance: Tailored to reduce hand fatigue and enhance shading precision

Additional Features:

- The tubes feature a soft, solid rubber handle for a comfortable grip.
- A transparent tube design allows for real-time visibility of the tattoo needle, enhancing precision.

Package Contents:

- Sabre® Performance Disposable Tubes with Round Tip.

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