ROUND Tip Ultra Disposable Tubes
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ROUND Tip Ultra Disposable Tubes

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The Ultra Tubes® Comfortable with Precision Round Tip disposable tubes are tailored for tattoo artists who prioritize precision and ergonomic support during long tattooing sessions. These tubes are offered in two bulk options—5 pcs and 50 pcs boxes—providing a cost-effective solution for professionals.

Equipped with soft solid rubber handles in three grip sizes—0.75", 1", and 1.25"—they accommodate various hand sizes, enhancing control and reducing fatigue for artists. Additionally, their compatibility with both thermal machines and manual techniques makes them adaptable for any tattooing method. The precision round tips on these tubes facilitate accurate stencil transfers and precise tattoo applications, establishing them as a top selection for both professional and enthusiast tattoo artists.

Technical Specifications:

- Product: Disposable Tubes with Precision Round Tip

- Brand: Ultra Tubes®

- Grip Size Available: 0.75", 1", & 1.25" inch grip handles for customized comfort

- Sold By: Available in single pieces or 25pcs/box for convenience and efficiency

Package Contents:

-Ultra Tubes® Comfortable Disposable Tubes
-Available in either 5 pcs boxes or 50 pcs boxes for bulk purchasing

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